About Us

Welcome to Henderson Photographics, a team of passionate photographers and a graphic designer who combine to bring you outstanding images and professionalism – guaranteed. Our business is built on many years of practice, training and industry awards, offering you our devotion to creativity and exciting images.

The team at Henderson Photographics won’t mind if you don’t read this – they would rather you look at their pictures to make up your mind. So please have a browse at the images file then come back later and read about their extensive experience in Australia and overseas; their numerous State and National Awards; and their combined proven record in wedding, corporate, portrait and landscape photography. The pictures are more fun anyway.

As you have probably gathered, Henderson Photographics is a no-fuss, no stress, no worries type of company. But most of all they are a no-excuses company.

Contact us to photograph the excitement of your wedding day; the core values of your corporate environment; or the bond in your family, and they will deliver. They enjoy their work and it is important to them that their clients also enjoy the experience, and that includes extremely competitive rates.

“Personal. Professional. Perfect. ”